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Internal Auditor (M/F)

KBL European Private Bankers, Luxembourg


To undertake internal audit reviews across KBL businesses with objective to provide reasonable assurance on proper risk mitigation and effective governance, we are looking for an internal auditor

Job Responsibilities :

- Perform internal audit reviews within KBL Luxembourg :

- Perform risk analysis to identify risks not properly mitigated by appropriate control mechanisms

- Perform in-depth audit testing to ensure effectiveness of control mechanisms

- Draft internal audit recommendations for the attention of KBL Management

- Monitor proper implementation of internal audit recommendations

 Qualifications :

- Minimum 10 years of banking and/or audit experience
- Overall good understanding of core banking services, processes and products required
- Good command of Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc
- Banking regulatory knowledge
- Masters degree in Finance or Economy

Skills :

- Good analytical skills
- Rigorous
- Well organized
- Good communication skills (oral and written)
- Ability to regularly cope with changes
- Flexibility
- Team spirit

Languages :

- English and French are required


If you are interested in this opportunity, please send your application to the KBL Human Resources team at the following email address :