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Alan Mathewson

Alan Mathewson


Who we are

Brown Shipley is a long-established UK private bank with 200 years of distinguished history and a reputation for high-quality wealth management. We manage clients throughout the UK and internationally from our offices in London, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham and Edinburgh with 223 personnel, of which over 50 are qualified investment or financial planning managers.

What we do

We provide seamless and bespoke wealth management services: from financial planning to investment management, including pensions, trusts and fund management. We have a full UK banking license to provide our clients with lending and other personal banking services. 

What we think

We think that building trusted, long-term relationships with clients is central to managing their wealth successfully. The majority of our clients want a discretionary service with a bespoke portfolio, managed by investment professionals whom they can trust to understand their needs and deliver outstanding results.

Brown Shipley

Founders Court
Lothbury - London
United Kingdom

+44 20 7606 9833
+44 20 7282 1545

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