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Team Manager, Private Banking

Who I am

I was born in Deventer and raised in Bathmen, both of which are located in eastern Holland. My parents came from families of butchers. I studied Hotel Management in the north of Holland and spent a year on an internship in Mexico. After graduation, I decided to start working in the financial sector as an investment advisor. Currently, I live in the western part of Holland with my wife and son, Gijs. I enjoy playing football and golf, and love skiing. I occasionally invite family and friends over for dinner, which I prepare myself.        

What I do

I am responsible for the growth of our Rotterdam office. Our team is developing new clients in the Rotterdam/The Hague area. We are thinking about how and where we want to be visible in this market to effectively reach our target clients without losing sight of our current ones. It is my personal ambition to champion InsingerGilissen in our market.

What I think

Small is beautiful! Private banking is all about personal contact, and we want to be distinctive in our services. We want to be exclusive and add value to our clients’ experience.

The major players in our business are internally focused and I believe we can use this to our advantage. We are ready, looking forward and outward. As well, we are small, flexible and have the knowledge and experience to meet all of our clients’ needs.


Herengracht 537
1017 BV Amsterdam

+31 20 521 5000
+31 20 521 5009

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