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Peter Sieradzki

Peter Sieradzki


Who we are

InsingerGilissen is one of the oldest private banks in the Netherlands, with a history dating back to 1779. 

Whether you invest yourself or prefer that we manage your capital, your private banker will support you, assisted by a team of specialists. Indeed, our more than 300 professional staff – based in Amsterdam and five other Dutch cities – are focused on helping our clients and business relations meet their current and future wealth management needs, accompanying them every step of the way. 

In addition to our extended asset-management offering, we provide services in the field of financial administration, and are actively involved in growing our clients’ business and private networks.

Our fund-selection process, institutional services and private-planning activities truly set us apart in the eyes of our clients. 

What we do

InsingerGilissen offers a wide range of services in asset management and advice, financial planning and administration.

What we think

We believe that protecting and growing our clients' assets is our core responsibility. More broadly, we are dedicated to helping our clients shape their (financial) future.

By looking beyond only assets and investments, we gain insight into the enduring ambitions of each individual we have the opportunity to serve, so we can help them achieve their long-term goals.


Herengracht 537
1017 BV Amsterdam

+31 20 521 5000
+31 20 521 5009

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