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Rafael Grau

Rafael Grau


Who we are

KBL España was established in 2011 after operating for nearly nine years as a part of Banco Urquijo Sabadell. KBL España is headquartered in Madrid and, in 2012, opened offices in Barcelona, Murcia and Las Palmas. Each office is comprised of highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in their respective regions.

What we do

KBL España provides customized management services in the private banking sector, with the objective of analyzing each client holistically to provide a complete wealth management solution that takes into account more than purely financial factors. Due to both experience and size, we are fully equipped and committed to looking after HNWIs and UHNWIs.

What we think

We strongly believe that KBL epb  has the potential to become a top private banking group in Europe. We are the right size, have a favorable geographical spread and are backed by a committed shareholder with a long-term investment view.

KBL España

57, calle Serrano
sexta planta
E-28006 Madrid

+34 91 423 22 00
+34 91 423 22 70

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