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Central Cash Desk

Who I am

I started my career with the Luxembourg Red Cross before joining the Coupon department at KBL epb. In 1998, I moved to the Central Cash Desk, where I remain to this day.

A Luxembourger, this year I celebrated 25 years with KBL epb.

I play badminton and am an experienced drummer. Each year, I also turn into St. Nicholas for schools, Christmas markets and corporate events.

What I do

The Central Cash Desk is where cash enters and leaves the bank on a daily basis. Together with my two colleagues, I serve as an intermediary between each client and their money.

Each day I have to order cash to meet our clients’ needs. I receive the orders and count the money using state-of-the-art machines.

Finally, I deliver the ordered withdrawals to clients when they are meeting with their advisers, and provide them with a tailor-made, top-quality service.

Just like private banking receptionists and advisors, we are a window for the bank and have to provide irreproachable service.

The key words for my job are confidence, discretion, quality, organization and autonomy.

What I think

Private banking, the Luxembourg financial center and my job have seen a lot of changes recently. These changes have allowed us to take another look at how we serve clients and our competitive advantages.

I love my job and hope to be able to continue to contribute to the success of KBL epb for years to come.

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