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New Issues & Secondary Bond Market

Who I am

I was born in Germany and trained as a banker (Bankkaufmann).

In 1991, armed with this qualification, I decided to pursue a career in Luxembourg. After a short period with  Hypo Bank International in the back office, I joined the trading team, where I stayed until 2000 when I moved to WestLB for two years.

In 2002, I became a part of the dealing room at KBL epb  as a trader on the bond market.

I’m married with an 18-year-old son and a 14-year-old daughter.

What I do

The job of a trader is based on several pillars. My main task is to buy bonds using my allocated budget and sell them to internal and external clients, while trying to make an attractive profit.

The main qualities a trader should have are versatility, reactivity and strong resistance to stress, since we often need to respond to the demands of clients and counterparties in a very tight timeframe due to the way markets fluctuate. Being able to speak several languages is also a major advantage in this job.

What I think

Traders work with many departments within the bank. This close collaboration is an advantage since it allows you to fully understand the client’s needs and respond to them quickly and efficiently.

Although the public image of the trader has been damaged somewhat over the past few years by events like the subprime crisis, I think that it’s important for KBL epb  to maintain its specialist market expertise.

Our experts know how to optimally take and measure risk, allowing the group to make significant profits and meet the needs of an ever more demanding clientele.

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