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Carlo Friob

Carlo Friob

CEO, Luxembourg

Who we are

Founded in Luxembourg more than 60 years ago, we are focused on meeting the evolving wealth management requirements of aspiring individuals and institutions in the Grand Duchy, across Europe and around the world.

As an independent group headquartered in Luxembourg, we make key decisions locally and respond to client needs rapidly.

We always take a long-term view, but also see change as an opportunity. That’s why, at this transformative moment for the private banking industry here in Luxembourg, we are enhancing our approach to clients and expanding the range of products and services we offer them.

That is also why we place so much emphasis on attracting and retaining the best people: they are what sets us apart in this highly competitive, relationship-based business.

What we do

We are private bankers who forge long-term relationships, founded upon trust.

We engage our clients in dialogue, provide them with independent investment advice and offer them a range of tailor-made services and products.

Our diverse, experienced team in Luxembourg delivers wealth solutions that meet the individual needs of each client, whether by managing assets, structuring or passing on wealth, or optimizing tax situations.

Complementing our core private banking activities, we provide a range of additional investment solutions through our Global Investor Services, Global Financial Markets and Asset Management departments.

What we think

At KBL epb, we believe in the principle of interdependence – among our stakeholders and across our network. We put that principle into practice by fostering cooperation and encouraging entrepreneurship.

We also believe that that the future of private banking in Luxembourg remains very bright: in this new era of increased transparency, the Grand Duchy offers an extraordinarily high level of political stability, one of the world’s most responsive regulatory environments, and an oversized pool of skilled, productive professionals.

Luxembourg, located in the heart of Europe, offers so many advantages.

That’s why we founded KBL epb  here more than six decades ago – and why we look to the future with great confidence.

KBL Luxembourg

43, Boulevard Royal
L-2955 Luxembourg

+352 47 97 1
+352 47 97 73900

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