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Head of CIO Office

Who I am

I come from the Vosges, studied in Nancy and graduated with a Masters in Financial Sciences.

Armed with this, I began working in a family bank in Nancy. I moved to Société Générale Bank & Trust as an advisor and then joined KBL epb  in 2007. I had various jobs in the management company and the dealing room before being appointed Head of CIO Office at the end of 2013.

I am a certified financial technician (CFTE) and a certified international investment analyst (CIIA).

I love fell running and am married with a small daughter.

What I do

There are five people in the CIO Office. Our mission is to support our Group CIO in the transformation initiatives in private and fund management within KBL epb. This ranges from the creation, monitoring and organisation of the group’s different research teams (GAAC, GERT, etc.) to the construction of an efficient  Asset Manager, able to attract the bank’s clients and also seduce external investors.

We are in charge of reorganising the Group’s fund range and have created the Rivertree FD Strategic funds.

My job demands solid technical knowledge but above all a great adaptability. Human qualities also play a big role as we are in constant touch with affiliates who often have a different culture to our own.

What I think

Nowadays, you can no longer start and finish your career in the same job, without taking risks or asking questions. We must be able to adapt to a constantly changing environment.  

Today’s KBL epb  is nothing like it was two years ago. Within the Investment department, we are directly involved in our Group’s transformation. Although change can generate uncertainty, for me it represents more of an opportunity than a reason to worry.

I’m lucky enough to work closely with the affiliates, their CIO, their research and management teams and I see how many talented people our Group has. This cooperation is enriching both personally and professionally.

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