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Receptionist Private Banking

Who I am

I’m French and the mother of two daughters. I have always been good at getting along with people and always knew that this would play a major part in my professional life.

So I earned a degree in tourism, then started my career working at the reception in hotels and at the Metz Chamber of Commerce in France.

I began working cross the border in 2001, when I joined Puilaetco Dewaay Luxembourg. My main role was as a receptionist but also worked as a teller and in the middle office.

In 2006, I became part of the team of private banking receptionists in the KBL epb  group.

What I do

As a private banking receptionist, I look after private clients when they arrive for meetings with their account officers.

I manage the reservation of meeting rooms, arrange the schedules for reception and am in direct contact direct with my private banking colleagues.

Each client is greeted personally. Over time, we get to know their habits.

The main qualities needed for my job are an ability to get along with people, friendliness, flexibility and discretion.

I have also undertaken a training so I can work as a teller at the bank if required.

What I think

As receptionists, we are the bank’s face to clients, colleagues and group’s partners.

This means that a positive attitude, dynamism and seriousness are daily requirements of the job.

I like people and am happy to be working with sophisticated and international clients.

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