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Senior Legal Advisor

Who I am

Coming from Lorraine, working in Luxembourg was an obvious choice for me. After studying law at the University of Metz, I specialised in international law. I finished my education with a year at Luxembourg University.

In 2004, I joined the Legal Department at Dexia-BIL. Gradually, I specialised in capital markets, transferable securities and structuring and eventually became team leader for these activities. In 2011, I moved to the legal team at KBL epb  as Senior Legal Advisor.

I’m married with two children.

What I do

The job of a legal expert is extremely varied. With my colleagues, I provide legal support for all the bank’s activities in Luxembourg and also analyse and implement new regulations. Depending on the  requests received, we are also in contact with the affiliates, either directly or through the local legal departments.   

Although each of us has their own areas of particular interest, we are all able to help out across all fields. My personal specialities are capital markets, securities and transversal projects.  

More generally, being a legal adviser today means that you have to understand the technical and operational environment in which we are evolving. You have to be analytical, meticulous and pragmatic, all at the same time.

What I think

Efficiency is a question of balance.

It is vital to make the effort to integrate and harmonise what can be done at Group level.  But knowing how to preserve the advantages inherent in a company our size, that is  agility, speedy reactions and innovation is just as important.

In this context, cross-selling between Luxembourg and the affiliates is a major issue for our Group and a real added value for the client.

Ongoing and future projects are challenges that our department is ready to face at your side.



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