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Client & Account Corporate entities

Who I am

Italian by birth and heritage, I was born and raised in Luxembourg and have been working at KBL epb since 1988, first as an intern and then as an employee.

Through my internship, I had the good fortune of discovering two departments, transfers and administration and have been a member of either of these two teams since. During my time in administration, I worked within a number of divisions, including.

The mother of two teenagers, I still find time for one of my biggest passions: reading.

What I do

In charge of a team of six, we are responsible for the management of corporate accounts. In this capacity, we are in charge of opening corporate accounts all over the world, which requires that we gather and analyze all necessary documentation in addition to verifying any and all changes made to the relevant statutes for corporate customers.

To that end, we regularly collaborate with other teams throughout the bank, especially the Legal, Tax, Wealth Management and Institutional Professional Services departments.

A very important aspect of my role is to constantly be up to date on any new and relevant regulations, with particular regard to taxation. For my role, attention to detail is paramount; being thorough, organized and honest are key for knowing where to find the best and most up-to-date resources in my field.

What I think

Even though I have spent 27 years working for the same employer, I have never been bored in my role and have enjoyed regularly working with positive and dedicated colleagues.

To me, the new, heavier regulations and numerous recent changes within the bank are more reasons to keep looking ahead.

I believe that we should not fear change, especially before it even occurs: as my Nonna always said, “There is no point using a band-aid if you haven’t been hurt.”

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