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Client Asset Servicing

Who I am

Born in France, I made my way to Luxembourg in 1986 after finishing school. That same year, I joined KBL epb’s Operations department, where I still am today.

I have spent my entire career in the various pools of the Settlements department, today known as Asset Servicing.

Married and the mother of two children, I enjoy aqua-aerobics, yoga and for a long time I also played volley ball. I’m always open to new discoveries and travel whenever I get the chance. I recently got involved in a friend’s micro-enterprise, creating  woollen objects.

What I do

While my colleagues in Asset Servicing handle the technical aspects of the different corporate actions (split, reverse split, dividends, subscriptions, etc.), it is the Client Asset Servicing team, of which I’m a part, that deals with the client requests that arise from these transactions.  

It is our mission to get answers from the depositary in charge of the corporate action, research the  different available media, liaise with colleagues in order to check the accuracy of the accounting done by Asset Servicing and to reply to clients as quickly as possible.  

As intermediaries between the depositary, the manager and his client, our subsidiaries and Asset Servicing, excellent interpersonal skills are imperative. With patience and diplomacy being key for our team, everything is done with great team spirit.

What I think

My whole career has been with KBL epb and I am very attached to our bank. Here, I have been able to develop my skills.

Although my 30 years’ experience at KBL epb is an advantage in many fields of private banking, I will always remain open to learning and developing myself within my role. Even after all these years I still want to forge ahead and be pro-active in my professional development.

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