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Advisory & Profiled Portfolio Management

Who I am

I was born in Belgium and, after my studies, was lucky enough to be offered a position at KBL epb in Luxembourg because of my language skills. My job in the dealing room was to develop bond trading with small financial institutions in countries like Spain, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden. I travelled to these places to build up relationships with the banks, insurance companies and pension funds that were interested in buying or selling stocks through us.

After nine years, I took advantage of the internal mobility programme and became an asset manager with Kredietrust.  I was initially in charge of institutional clients and then moved to the private client management team to look after bond and conservation strategies. The job is so varied that I still have the same enthusiasm for it today as when I started.

What I do

Being a manager means choosing investments best suited to the client’s wealth objectives. This means choosing the assets likely to perform the best and managing the inherent risks. It is also a team work because at KBL epb, we have long left behind the individual "star" system in which everyone works only for himself. Managers work together with strategists, in charge of analysing global macroeconomic context and they also serve as equity or bond analysts. 

Personally, with my past experience, I am concentrating on studying bond markets and monitoring certain exchange rates of some Nordic currencies. We sometimes meet clients at the request of their account managers, with whom we try to maintain a close dialogue.

What I think

Financial markets constitute a unique world,  fascinating and constantly changing. Managers trying to anticipate the performance of the assets in which they are investing must ask the right questions and analyze all of the factors. We shouldn’t automatically assume that past events will repeat themselves in the future. We have to stay constantly aware of changes in the marketplace, making this job far from routine.

Working closely with a dynamic team keeps motivation high. The proof: I have been a manager here for almost 20 years.

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