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Who I am

I was born in Italy and studied in Luxembourg. I quickly moved into automobile and industrial mechanical services and spent years doing car repairs. After that, I installed lifts for nine years before joining a garage, where I discovered that I like driving cars more than repairing them!

I joined KBL epb  14 years ago, ushering in something completely new. 

What I do

After five years "driving" a desk in the Coupons department, I had the chance to join the directors’ driving pool. Now, I’m working directly with cars again, and I like it. I drive the Group CEO and members of the Executive Committee wherever their work takes them. I have to ensure that the trips are as pleasant as possible and that my passengers are able to work safely on the journey from A to B.      

What I think

After years of ups and downs and a hostile economic environment, I think we are heading for calmer waters. I’m an optimist and confident that the group is moving in the right direction.  I am convinced that with collective effort, KBL epb  will achieve its objectives. 


KBL European Private Bankers

43, Boulevard Royal
L-2955 Luxembourg

+352 47 97 1
+352 47 97 73900

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