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Administration & Statistics

Who I am

I came to Luxembourg from Portugal at the age of 12. Now, I am married with two children.

As part of an accounting and management course, I had the opportunity to intern at KBL epb in 1999 and, as a result, became familiar with many of the bank’s different services. The following year, I was hired full-time in the Swift and Telecommunications department with the duty of managing our network, fax dispatching and the authentication of transfer orders.

In June 2013, I joined the Human Resources team in the Administration and Statistics department.

My two main passions are football and music.

What I do

It is essential in my role to provide detailed and accurate statistics about our staff to various Luxembourg bodies. It is therefore my job to collect all the relevant information, whether from Luxembourg or our affiliates, and synthesise it.

Another facet of my role is the administration of the complementary pension and KBL epb’s new health insurance program. The rest of my work revolves around different tasks such as mandate management or honours.

These various activities require great accuracy and a capacity to synthesise a great deal of information coming from multiple sources. I enjoy my job because it allows me to not only be in contact with my colleagues, but to listen to them and answer their questions or concerns.

What I think

In the very competitive private banking sector, the expertise and versatility of the bank’s staff are major and indispensable advantages.

KBL epb offers a range of training courses with the possibility of completely changing career paths, which helps keep staff motivated. This proactive approach gives me full confidence in the future our Group which will continue thanks to the diversity and broadening of our knowledge.

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