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Group Wealth Planning & Structuring

Who I am

I come from Belgium and am married with three children.  

After studying law in Belgium and subsequently working for a bank in Brussels for eight years, my career took me to KBL epb ’s Legal Department back in 1992. Since then, I have gradually migrated towards private client dossiers while also being a part of our bank’s transformation towards increased transparency.

In 2006, I was involved in KBL epb ’s newly established Estate Planning department. Organizing and passing on private client estates has increasingly become a priority associated with the image of private banking.

After having spent a constructive year in Compliance, I joined the new Group Wealth Planning and Structuring team at the beginning of 2015.

What I do

Over the course of our lives, we have all been or will be faced with the classic inheritance questions like, “What am I going to leave, to whom and how heavily will it be taxed?” Or, for example, “Is restructuring my estate worthwhile and is it better to pass it on before or after my death?”  

In order to address these types of complex client concerns, it is my job to propose the different solutions – specifically adapted to each client’s unique situation – that the bank can offer. Naturally, human contact is essential for this role.  

The cases we deal with vary greatly, ranging from the classic stepfamily scenarios to heads of companies to cross-border situations, so the complexities of each case have to therefore be analysed individually. One aspect that is true across every situation, though, is the importance of understanding civil law and its side effects. To this end, our team can call upon the expertise of our colleagues throughout the KBL epb group or even external experts should the case require it.

What I think

My career has been marked by several defining moments. These challenging events have strengthened the solidarity among colleagues at all hierarchic levels and created strong and long-lasting professional relationships.

Today, I enjoy working with the younger generations at the bank; I find that our two worlds are complementary. While the younger employees bring their updated skill sets and a new way of looking at things, the older generations can offer our knowledge of the financial sector and the wisdom of our experience in exchange. When well organized, this daily collaboration contributes to the way we tackle the challenges of tomorrow.

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