Jean Danckaert

Jean Danckaert


Who we are

We are based in one of Europe’s major international private banking centers: a politically and economically stable financial hub with optimal regulations that support the private banking needs of both resident and international clients.

Since its founding in 1996, KBL mpb  has been providing high-quality private banking services that meet its clients’ needs and wishes. Our core business is exclusive, personalized financial services, ranging from a cash desk and order execution on international markets to high-value property mortgages and tailored asset management.

At KBL mpb, we stand out due to our high-quality service and the long-term nature of our business relationships.

In terms of assets, we rank among the top 20 private banks in Monaco – with the ambition to be in the top 10 within three years.

We currently employ 54 people, including staff of 12 different nationalities who speak more than a dozen languages. An equal opportunity employer, 50% of our workforce is female.

What we do

We pride ourselves on providing first-class, personalized private banking services, designed to build lasting relationships and tailor-made financial solutions that meet our clients’ current and evolving needs.

We provide a suite of banking, wealth planning and transfer solutions, ensuring services to individuals and families from diverse backgrounds. Dedicated KBL mpb private bankers manage the unique needs and goals of each of our clients.

Our wealth management services include:

  • Wealth planning advisors
  • Investment advisory services
  • Portfolio management services
  • Specialized services, including financial and estate planning, wealth insurance & credit solutions

Additionally, we provide an integrated multilingual platform to independent external asset managers and family offices. These clients benefit from a flexible range of key investment services and solutions for their end clients. We offer all the services of a custodian bank, with high-quality execution, straight-through processing and consolidated reporting of end-client accounts.

What we think

We think that by focusing on providing client-centric solutions, over time, we will build strong relationships with our clients. We earn their trust by meeting their private banking and wealth management needs, which leads them to stay with us for the long term. Our aim is to establish a partnership that lasts a lifetime, and then continues with the following generations.

We also think that acting ethically, both through our corporate decisions and our employees’ actions, is extremely important.

KBL Monaco Private Bankers

8, avenue de Grande-Bretagne

+377 92 16 55 55

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