Structured Product Advisor

Who I am

I earned my engineering degree in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics which I completed during a year of study in Market Finance at Imperial College London.

After graduating In 2000, I joined the Banque du Louvre as a financial engineer, quickly moving to the position of market operator. Following the acquisition of the bank by HSBC Private Bank, I became an investment advisor. In 2008, I joined Société Générale Private Banking as a specialist in structured products and then as head of a team of four by 2011.

Married and father of two children, I am an avid traveler and love to play a little-known sport called Jeu de Paume, the forefather of all of today’s racket sports.

What I do

Working on the Advisory & Execution desk, I joined KBL Richelieu in November 2016 as a Structured Product Advisor.

My job is to promote our structured products to our bankers, fund managers and, in the right context, our clients. These tailor-made investment solutions are highly appreciated by our clients. I try to propose products that are most suited to the needs and objectives of each investor depending on market parameters and any specifications or preferences provided.

My role is exciting, combining creativity, an expertise in financial markets, and mathematical knowledge. 

What I think

The world of structured products is constantly evolving, with endless possible combinations ranging from simple products for new investors to complex ones for more sophisticated investors.

That said, the current environment and many current regulatory constraints tend to standardize the offer proposed by private banks to their customers. Proximity to customers – the ability to analyze their needs and track their investments (“after-sales services”) – is therefore essential in order to distinguish our service offering from that of our competitors.

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