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Régis Brochot

Régis Brochot


Who we are

The creation of prestigious asset management companies, KBL Richelieu is a French private bank on a human scale.

Belonging to a European group that is present in nine countries, helps guarantee solidity and allows us to benefit from greater strength and expertise.

We bring together all the private and professional wealth management skills to serve entrepreneurs, managers and their families, from one generation to another.

As a private banker, we are close to our clients and privileged partners in managing their wealth.

We rely on our asset management company, KBL Richelieu Gestion, with its 25-year history. It has vast experience in the French, European and international markets, providing firm investment choices and flexible solutions.

Just like institutional clients, our private clients and independent advisers benefit from this know-how.

What we do

We take the time to get to know our clients well in order to give them the best advice. Our long-lasting relationships with them are built on trust. We carefully take into account and assess their total wealth.

Our clients can build their wealth with assets that follow different cycles. This diversification leads to growth in the long term.

Our clients benefit from our expertise, as well as those of our external partners and the entire group.

What we think

We firmly believe that we must protect our clients’ wealth in order to increase it.

We look at their legal, tax and family backgrounds and propose simple, appropriate solutions for managing their various assets.

In addition to investing on financial markets, which is historically our core business, we take an interest in all asset classes, in particular, real estate, investments in non-listed companies, art and financial investments.

Belonging to KBL epb, a recognized leader in European private banking with clear growth ambitions, helps us meet the needs of our increasingly global clients.

KBL Richelieu

22, boulevard Malesherbes
75008 Paris

+33 1 42 89 00 00
+33 1 42 89 62 29

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