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Matthias Schellenberg

Matthias Schellenberg


Who we are

For more than 140 years, Merck Finck has been committed to serving clients with complex and unique needs. We offer high-end private banking solutions that address all of our clients’ financial concerns.

Before our private bankers provide a recommendation, they make sure to have a complete picture of the client’s assets, taking into consideration personal goals and family circumstance. This enables us to offer investment advice based on actual return expectations and individual security needs.

A number of independent industry tests confirm the high quality of our advisory services. The Handelsblatt’s Elite Report for 2013, for example, once again awarded us the highest recognition. However, we ultimately measure our success in terms of our clients’ satisfaction.

What we do

Connected to the experts and specialized knowledge across our network, we support our customers in all areas. Together with Merck Finck Treuhand AG, we offer the complete spectrum of high-end private banking services:

  • Strategic asset planning
  • Comprehensive asset management
  • Individual asset mandates
  • Participating interests
  • Advice on real estate
  • Advice on financing
  • Insurance solutions
  • Family office

What we think

Security, relationships, proximity and knowledge result in client satisfaction. These factors are indispensable and embedded in our corporate values.

To feel comfortable with a partnership, it must be founded on trust and interdependence, and sustained by mutual respect. We want to achieve top results for our clients – which means together with our clients.

Our clients feel secure because their bankers understand their concerns and needs. When we talk about security, we don’t just mean avoiding risk: the majority of our customers are far more concerned with maintaining and protecting the value of their assets than with maximizing returns.

Our private bankers serve a limited number of clients to ensure that they can be fully invested in building each long-term relationship.

Here at Merck Finck, we have a broad definition of knowledge. The expertise and specific knowledge across our group must be accompanied by an in-depth understanding of our clients. This thinking is consistent in all of our offices across Europe.

Merck Finck

16, Pacellistrasse
80333 Munich

+49 89 21 04 16 52
49 89 21 04 13 56

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