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Executive Director & Head of Wealth Planning Germany

Who I am

I was born in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, and lived there until I was 19, when I moved to Bavaria to study law and foreign languages at the University of Passau. Ready to take advantage of new opportunities, I completed internships in various foreign countries whenever I got the chance.

Having passed my state exams, I joined Unicredit HypoVereinsbank for the next 10 years, helping them build their nationwide organization of financial planning experts. During this time, I became accredited as a lawyer and successfully completed my postgraduate studies.

Afterwards I accepted a very interesting offer from Merck Finck in Düsseldorf and have been here for the past eleven years. I feel very fortunate to be part of the unique and dynamic team of financial planning at Merck Finck.

What I do

I work with a talented team on contracts and services, such as certified financial planning, certified foundation and estate planning, asset control and the foundation of trusts.

Being on the executive board of several foundations, including the Merck Finck Foundation, I have a very broad knowledge of trusts and foundations – knowledge many of our customers are keen to consult with me about.

My focus for the moment is the creation of various financial planning services, such as "Strategic Emergency Planning."

What I think

Over many years, my work experience has proved to me that strategic planning is essential to our success.

Equally important is an environment for employees that is based on neutrality and independence, values that each department is actively supporting. 

It is very satisfying to manage such a creative and supportive financial planning team.

Merck Finck

16, Pacellistrasse
80333 Munich

+49 89 21 04 16 52
49 89 21 04 13 56

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