Senior Private Banker

who i am

I studied economics at the University of Liège, Belgium, and began my career at Dewaay Luxembourg in 1993. Since I was very interested in financial markets and wealth management, I then completed my CEFA (Certified European Financial Analyst) training.

I was born in Belgium, am married and have one daughter. My favorite way to spend my free time is with my family and friends. I enjoy playing tennis and am fascinated by winemaking, gastronomy and interior design.

what i do

I started my career as the assistant to a private banker, doing financial analyses and equities recommendations. I then chose to start working with private clients. In this context, I’m in charge of managing our clients’ wealth. I also advise them with regards to tax, wealth structuring and real estate issues.

To be as efficient as possible, I work closely with financial markets. In my line of work, following the news closely is essential. I also collaborate on a regular basis with KBL epb’s professional experts, in Luxembourg and across our network, as well as with external consultants.

what i think

The job of a private banker is ever changing – that’s what makes it so fascinating. A key aspect of the job is the relationships we build with clients. Clients are looking for a loyal advisor with good listening skills and common sense who is able to address all aspects of their wealth. Regarding investments, one must choose assets that the clients understand and are familiar with, while being modest and analytical.

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