Voting rights policy

According to the current regulation, Kredietrust Luxembourg S.A.’s strategy for exercising  voting rights is defined in this document.

This strategy applies to all kind of funds and investment portfolios for which Kredietrust S.A. has been appointed investment manager.

Due to the small participation in the market capitalization of companies in which Kredietrust S.A. invests, “abstention” is the systematic rule. Therefore, Kredietrust S.A. does not exercise the voting rights attached to securities held in the above mentioned portfolios.

However, if Kredietrust S.A. should exercise its voting right, the asset manager will make his/her choice by preventing any conflict of interest and in the best interest of the shareholders, unitholders or investors. The Kredietrust S.A. conflicts of interests policy defines the organizational measures to prevent and manage such conflicts.

Any investor may address his/her request to Kredietrust S.A. in order to obtain details on the votes attached to financial instruments held in the fund or in the investment portfolio.