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28 January 2014

KBL European Private Bankers appoints Yves Stein new group CEO 

The appointment of Yves Stein as new Group CEO is covered by Investment Europe

Yves Stein has been appointed group CEO by KBL European Private Bankers, taking over from Jacques Peters, the Luxembourg based financial provider.

Stein (pictured) was previously CEO of Union Bancaire Privée (Europe) in Luxembourg, and earlier was director general of Private Banking at BNP Paribas (Switzerland).

Additionally to the appointment, KBL has announced that Marc Lauwers, who joined the group in 2013 as COO, will become deputy group CEO, working alongside Stein. Lauwers was previously a member of the executive committee at Belfius Bank in Belgium. Other roles have included CEO of Dexia Banka Slovensko, in Slovakia.

Jacques Peters, the departing CEO, will continue working as chairman of the board of directors of Puilaetco Dewaay Private Bankers in Brussels.

KBL has also announced that three new members have been appointed to its own board of directors, including Ernst Wilhelm Contzen, former CEO of Deutsche Bank Luxembourg and current president of the Luxembourg Bankers' Association; Alfred Bouckaert, former chairman of Belfius Bank, as well as former chairman of AXA Belgium; and Nicholas Harvey, deputy CEO of Precision Capital, the Luxembourg-based shareholder of KBL epb, and former chief risk officer and member of the management board at Amlin Europe.

- Investment Europe