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27 January 2014

KBL epb unveils new group leadership structure 

Jacques Peters steps down and continues serving as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Puilaetco Dewaay Private Bankers in Belgium; Yves Stein, CEO, Private Banking, promoted to Group CEO

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KBL European Private Bankers (KBL epb), headquartered in Luxembourg, unveiled today a new leadership structure for the group, which is present in nine countries in Europe.

Yves Stein, who for the past year has overseen the group’s pan-European private banking activities in his capacity as a member of the KBL epb Executive Committee, has been appointed Group CEO, effective February 1, 2014.

Stein previously held the position of CEO of Union Bancaire Privée (Europe) in Luxembourg. He earlier served as Director General, Private Banking, at BNP Paribas (Switzerland).

Marc Lauwers, who joined the group in 2013 as Chief Operating Officer, has assumed additional responsibility as Deputy Group CEO, working directly alongside Stein.

Previously a member of the Executive Committee at Belfius Bank in Belgium, responsible for Retail and Commercial Banking, Lauwers earlier served as Chief Operating Officer at Belfius and, before that, as CEO of Dexia Banka Slovensko, based in Slovakia.

Jacques Peters – who oversaw the bank’s management of the impact of the global financial crisis and the acquisition of the group by Precision Capital, as well as the successful implementation of the first year of the group’s long-term growth strategy – will step down from his role as Group CEO at the end of this week.

Peters will continue to serve as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Puilaetco Dewaay Private Bankers in Brussels.

Demonstrating the group’s commitment to the highest standards of corporate governance, three new members have been appointed to the Board of Directors of KBL epb, including:

  • Ernst Wilhelm (Bill) Contzen, former CEO of Deutsche Bank Luxembourg and current President of the Luxembourg Bankers’ Association, who will assume the Chairmanship of the Board following the retirement of current KBL epb Chairman Jan Huyghebaert in March of this year
  • Alfred Bouckaert, former Chairman of Belfius Bank, as well as former Chairman of AXA Belgium
  • Nicholas Harvey, Deputy CEO of Precision Capital, the Luxembourg-based shareholder of KBL epb, and former Chief Risk Officer and member of the Management Board at Amlin Europe

“2013 was a successful year for the group, both financially and strategically: we considerably strengthened our franchise across Europe, putting us well on track to realize our vision to become a top 20 European private banking group by 2015,” said Stein.

“By ensuring a seamless leadership transition and simultaneously enhancing the composition of our Board of Directors,” he said, “we will be able to accelerate our strategic growth plans, strengthening the ties that bind our group and providing all our clients with an even higher level of personalized service.”

Acknowledging the significant contribution made by Jacques Peters, George Nasra, CEO, Precision Capital, said: “During a period of enormous change, Jacques led the group forward with energy, commitment and passion. Like everyone at KBL epb, I am grateful to him for his service, and look forward to working with him in his capacity as Chairman of Puilaetco Dewaay.”

Thanking outgoing KBL epb Chairman Jan Huyghebaert for his nearly two decades of service in that position, Stein highlighted the importance of these three new Board appointees, who provide substantial experience in the financial services sector.

“It is a privilege to assume the role of Chairman of the Board of KBL European Private Bankers,” Contzen said. “With its experienced staff, strong management team, esteemed Board members and the long-term support of its shareholder,
KBL epb will continue to build upon its pan-European platform in the years to come.”

Contzen concluded: “At a time when many sector participants are scaling back their ambitions, KBL epb has the vision and means to seize today’s opportunities. I look forward to being part of this exciting growth story.”