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    Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act: compliance rules for US persons

    More informations about FATCA

  • DUE DILIGENCE 09.2016

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  • Institutional clients

    Institutional Clients Landing Page2We are a skilled, trusted partner who will help you achieve your goals by understanding your needs — whether you represent a large international banking group, an insurance company, a fund manager, a corporate institution or an independent asset manager.

    We offer our institutional and professional clients tailored investment vehicles, a world-class dealing room, independent asset management and a network of sub-custodian banks of the highest quality from a single point of entry: your relationship manager.

    Through this lasting relationship, you receive quick, clear access to our products, financial solutions and the expertise of our people across Europe. Your relationship manager will liaise with all internal and external parties involved in the launch and running of your project.

    As a client, you have access to a wide range of products and services that result from close collaboration between our Global Execution Services team and our dealing room.

    Our institutional and professional clients benefit from in-depth knowledge of trading and brokerage on equities, bonds, third-party funds, money market instruments, currencies (Forex), structured products and precious metals. Our expertise also covers the fields of repurchase agreements and securities lending.

    Through our Third-Party Funds desk, we maintain strong relationships with more than 1,000 transfer agents and 350 fund groups, enabling us to offer our clients prime fund order execution services and related trailer fee handling.

    KBL epb’s decision center is located in Luxembourg, in the heart of Europe, and results in efficient, fast procedures thanks to specialized service providers, a supportive legal structure and a competitive tax environment.