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Asset management

For more than 60 years, KBL epb  has been developing an international network of excellent professional relationships, ensuring our clients smart, superior asset management solutions.

We provide discretionary, institutional portfolio management, risk management, asset liability management and balance sheet analysis for segregated and pooled accounts.

Through sustained dialogue with our clients, we offer open and independent investment solutions, supported by a first-class team of dedicated and experienced portfolio managers.

At KBL epb, we understand how important it is to have experienced, trusted bankers, managing your portfolio. Our clients can count on support from professional Asset Management teams, each with a minimum average of 10 years’ experience. It is their ongoing focus to protect and build our clients’ wealth, taking into account the risk-return potential of every investment and tailoring it to the needs and risk appetite of each client.

Our institutional support team accompanies professional investors in the development of their business and the financial management services they offer to their own clients. We work together with full transparency, based on frequent communication and complete, regular reporting.

As a group, we manage almost €100 billion in assets (as of December 31, 2014). Our clients include large international banking groups, insurance companies, fund managers, corporate institutions and independent asset managers.

KBL epb  offers execution and custody services for an unlimited number of funds and has special agreements in place with over 17,000 of them.

To appropriately manage your assets, we apply a holistic approach in which capital requirements, maturity matching and legal requirements are taken into consideration and individually risk-weighted.

We ensure that your liabilities are covered at all times, selecting, on an independent basis, the smartest strategy for your situation. In this holistic selection process, we consider risk management as important as performance outlook.

Our clients trust our superior investment process and experienced, professional teams to provide the best access to major markets and a wide range of products and services.