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  • Investment funds

    Our European team of fund managers provides you with all the benefits of their extensive experience and expertise. Along with the management of our group funds, it is their mission to select the best fund managers, excelling in the market thanks to their specific and disciplined investment processes and effective risk-monitoring tools.

    Your portfolio is managed according to open architecture principles. We offer investment funds managed in-house and by other banks and investment firms to guarantee that our clients truly have access to all of the best possible funds available in the market.

    Our multi-disciplinary team selects funds on an independent basis. Its tried and tested decision-making process includes in-depth, quantitative analysis and detailed, qualitative analysis. Through rigorous scrutiny, we select investment funds capable of continued excellence.

    Through our Third-Party Funds desk, we maintain strong relationships with more than 1,000 transfer agents and 350 fund groups, enabling us to offer our clients prime fund order execution services and related trailer fee handling.

    Because our selected funds are actively managed, our clients benefit from a proactive approach and achieve a level of portfolio diversification that is not possible when investing directly in securities. As a result, our clients significantly reduce their exposure to risk while enhancing potential returns.