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    Investment Funds

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    Kristel Cools

    Head of Group Asset Management
    Rivertree Investment Funds

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  • Rivertree Investment funds

    With a strong European presence, Rivertree Investment Funds is the investment fund range of the KBL epb group.

    We offer our private and institutional clients a range of 50 investment funds, covering the main themes and asset classes.

    Our pan-European team of 24 fund managers implements structured and proactive management, based on deep internal expertise, to deliver sustainable, long-term performance. Our global investment solutions cover the main asset classes. We offer financial market expertise, drawing upon the insight of our network of analysts based in Amsterdam, Brussels, Luxembourg, Manchester and Munich.



    We have developed a fund range with various themes, offering complementary performance targets and management styles:

    • Government bonds
    • Corporate money-market funds
    • Flexible funds
    • Currency funds
    • Regional funds of funds
    • Themed funds of funds
    • Patrimonial funds
    • European small & mid caps
    • Regional funds
    • Theme funds
    • Sustainable Investments (SRI) Funds
    • Balanced funds
    • Funds with a systematic approach



    Our fund range reflects the pillars of our investment philosophy:

    • Excellence: Expertise inspired by the constant search for innovative and unique solutions to your needs
    • Integrity: Independent and reliable management, and transparency in investments and fees
    • Commitment: All managers are autonomous and wholly responsible for the performance generated by their funds