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Private Banking

At KBL epb, we care for our clients as if they were members of our own family. Consequently, we care for their wealth with as much regard as our own.

Our global and personalized approach is characterized by our desire to master risks totally while maximizing opportunity.

Regardless of background, whether established business-owners, dynamic entrepreneurs or sport professionals, our clients entrust their assets to us.

As a client, your banking experience is based on a long-term, one-to-one relationship with a  private banker who will listen to your needs, wishes and experiences before providing open, independent solutions that are structured around you.

Your journey with us will begin with a thorough wealth audit. A plan is not developed until your family and professional situations, taxes, risk profile, expectations and projects have been taken into consideration.

With this knowledge, we can look at potential consolidations and investments, current structure and transfers so that our subsequent move in developing your solution is flawless.