Financial and estate planning

Peace of mind.

Whether through an appropriate will clause, life insurance policy, breaking up of property,  gift or residuary bequest, we will ensure the security of your assets today and for generations to come.

Our clients come to us with a range of specific financial wishes as diverse as each of their lives. Our goal is to ensure that, as a client, you are financially prepared during times of transition, whether foreseen or unexpected.

After an in-depth analysis of your needs and personal situation, we help with the legal and fiscal aspects of structuring your wealth from an international perspective. You can rely on our experience, specialists and local/global partners to pick and choose from a range of solutions that best suit your needs.

This includes planning for retirement, moving residences, protecting your family, transferring a second home, financially caring for a handicapped child or passing a business down to your children.

At KBL epb,  you will benefit from our vast professional experience to help you take advantage of the available legal and tax optimization strategies in the context of your particular situation.

Whatever your protection, transferring or management issue, our group-wide expertise can help.

Thanks to our close collaboration with our wealth insurance partner, Vitis Life, we can combine the advantages of portfolio management and life insurance.

Our life insurance solutions can help you manage your wealth in the most advantageous way, corresponding to your unique needs while utilizing global solutions.