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Portfolio management

At KBL epb, you will find the expertise and the means to realize your ambitions.

We focus on providing our clients with a banking experience fully adapted to each individual profile.

As a client, you will receive the best tailor-made financial solutions supported by local and pan-European expertise.

Our global and personalized solutions are based on a thorough analysis of your wealth,  unique personal situation and expectations.

Whether you are looking for a solid partner to execute transactions, a private banker to follow up on your account, an investment advisor or a portfolio manager, KBL epb  has the optimal wealth management solution.

In all of these roles, our experts build long-term client relationships based on mutual understanding and trust.

As a client, you can count on around-the-clock support from your dedicated private banker. Additionally, you benefit from the expert knowledge of each local market, pooled by our investment committee on a monthly basis.

We will offer you a solution characterized by our desire to master risks totally.

Our open architecture guarantees diversified and independent investment vehicles, giving you the best selection of funds along with decreased risk. You will benefit from transparent and innovative investment strategies unique to  KBL epb.

Whether you want complete portfolio management, advice, analysis and reporting, or transaction execution, we work with you to ensure that you benefit from all that KBL epb  has to offer.