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India means business

24 August 2016

Twenty-five years after the passage of sweeping legislation that liberalized the country’s economy, India remains a notoriously difficult place to do business. Rated the most bureaucratic nation in Asia, it ranked a woeful 130th in the World Bank’s latest “Ease of Doing Business” report – just behind the West Bank and Gaza.


An Industry at a Crossroads

26 July 2016

In today’s confused global economic landscape, the business travel industry nevertheless has managed to keep growing and evolving – albeit slowly – in an increasingly connected marketplace.


Money-making Machines

01 June 2016

“If we all die, it would keep trading.”


Welcome to the Family Business

18 May 2016

What do Walmart, BMW and Maersk have in common – besides being among the world’s largest companies? Each is also a family business, with a significant percentage of shares owned by, respectively, the Walton, Quandt and Moller families.


Small, medium or large?

06 May 2016

As the recent plunge in Apple’s share price shows, even the world’s largest and most valuable companies can face challenges sustaining growth. That is one reason why, when it comes to investing, bigger isn’t always better.