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Brands that rule the world

26 May 2015

Forbes has just released its annual list of the most powerful global brands, dominated by a familiar roll call headed by US technology giants.


The 'Internet of Things'

28 April 2015

The Apple Watch, finally showing up on customers’ wrists last week, promises to raise the so-called ‘Internet of Things’ to a new level.


VAT rule threatens small business

31 March 2015

In theory, the current economic environment should be more favorable to smaller digital businesses – growth is gaining momentum and lending to small companies is getting easier. There is concern, however, that new EU rules for value-added tax on digital services threaten the existence of thousands of small businesses.


China's way or the highway

10 March 2015

Amazon has agreed to open a shop on the Tmall sales website of Alibaba in what appears to be a tacit acknowledgement that the retail giant cannot challenge the dominance of its Chinese archrival on its own turf. It also perhaps recognizes that for all China’s apparent potential, it is not an easy market for foreign companies to penetrate.


Soaring Swiss Franc

20 January 2015

Investors, traders and financial institutions around the world were caught unprepared for Switzerland’s decision to abandon efforts to keep the national currency’s value from rising.