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When Black Friday Comes

25 November 2014

In the past, “Black Friday” was associated with financial panics, stock market crashes and bankrupt investors. Today it’s an altogether more upbeat economic event – a US commercial extravaganza that’s steadily taking hold in Europe.


The IPO Bubble Can Burst

14 October 2014

Europe’s stock markets received a wake-up call in the first week of October — but paradoxically, good news may lie in the poor performance of two high-profile IPOs.


Why big business is moving

02 September 2014

Businesses and financial interests around the world are watching with concern as US lawmakers address the growing trend of “corporate inversions," by which companies reincorporate in another country to reduce their tax liability, usually by merging or acquiring a partner abroad.


Telecoms Balancing Act

15 July 2014

Europe’s telecom regulators want to encourage competition and protect consumers, while the continent’s telecom giants want to merge operations and fend off ruthless discounters.


Transatlantic takeovers

03 June 2014

Bids from US groups to acquire a British pharmaceutical giant and a French energy company showcase the political and regulatory complexity of transatlantic deals, especially when the companies are perceived as “national champions.” But sometimes the outcome defies the stereotype.