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From mega-mergers to smart swaps

29 April 2014

For the past two decades, the global pharmaceutical industry has seen its future in a series of ever-bigger mergers. But now some firms are looking for smarter ways to refine, reshape and refocus their businesses – although Pfizer’s $100 billion bid for AstraZeneca shows that the mega-deal is not dead.


Biotech IPOs Boom in Europe

18 March 2014

European biotech initial public offerings have jumped sharply this year as investor enthusiasm for biotechnology companies extends across the Atlantic.


Spanish Women Take the Helm

11 February 2014

As Spain struggles to clear the wreckage from its debt crisis, one hopeful trend is emerging: More women are starting their own businesses.


Germany's Renewables Dilemma

28 January 2014

Economic realities are testing Germany’s commitment to developing renewable sources of energy.


Italy’s Web Tax Quandary

23 December 2013

Italy’s proposal to impose an effective levy on companies that conduct online marketing in the country illustrates the challenge of attempting to ensure that global corporations pay what countries regard as their fair share of taxes.