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Does bitcoin make sense?

09 December 2013

Bitcoin is riding exhilarating ascents and harrowing declines as speculators, investors and online pioneers test the boundaries of the new, completely digital currency.


Iran sanctions deal: who wins?

02 December 2013

Now that the tense standoff over nuclear development between Iran and the U.S. has eased with the signing of a six-month deal that relaxes restrictions on trade, the next question is who gains the most?


Fiat and Chrysler take stock

25 November 2013

Italy’s Fiat, majority stakeholder of American carmaker Chrysler, would like to own the entire company. The only problem: the owner of the remaining 41.5 percent stake, a retirees’ healthcare fund controlled by the United Auto Workers (UAW) union, is holding out for the best price for its members.


The trouble with executive pay

18 November 2013

Swiss voters have sharply rejected a ballot initiative to limit executive pay to 12 times the salary of a company’s lowest-paid employee. The idea in itself was simple: Nobody at a company should earn more in a month than the lowest-paid worker earns in a year.