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02 November 2018

It Takes History to Plan the Future 

When it comes to custody and investment funds, global reach and reputation opens doors. Both Luxembourg’s AAA rating and KBL Luxembourg’s reputation for innovative, accessible solutions have attracted attention, and international fund initiators, for decades.

For a global hub, Luxembourg is a relatively small community, which translates into better service for clients and superior connections with decision-makers. Having an “echo of the market” is very important in an industry that requires up-to-the-minute information. In Luxembourg, representatives from the financial industry keep an eye on international developments, serve on association working groups and consult with the government to ensure every nuance of any new regulation is explored and tested.

KBL Luxembourg is a niche player that has an interesting specialty: the human touch. We are proud of our personal connection with each and every client. This strong bond is based, in part, on the longevity of our business developers and customer relationship managers, whose average length of service at the bank is 15 years. This translates into familiarity and history.

Deep local knowledge can be leveraged to make decisions quickly, but history is important as well.    Whether it’s real estate, private equity, infrastructure, exotic or non-exotic funds, the CRM that was on the desk when the fund began is probably still with the company today – and is the custodian of its unique history.

With 100 umbrella funds and hundreds of sub-funds, KBL Luxembourg has clients from 21 countries. We serve institutional and professional clients who value experienced partners and win-win relationships.

We believe in conversation and taking the long-term view to optimize a plan and profit – today and in the future. We believe that staying focused on the basics forms the building blocks for successful client relationships. For us, it’s about understanding your business, its potential and the key ingredients required for success.

It’s about history. And the future.

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