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Keys to entrepreneurial success

10 October 2018

The 2017/18 GEM (Global Entrepreneurship Monitor) report indicates that although up to 50% of the working population in various economies throughout the world might feel capable of starting and running a business, few will take that leap. Interestingly, the more developed the economy, the less entrepreneurial and more failure-averse its people seem to be.


Philanthropy 2.0

09 December 2015

In the past, entrepreneurs tried to outdo each other with the size of their yachts – now they compete on the extent of their philanthropy. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently made one of the largest-ever philanthropic pledges of $45 billion, aimed at “advancing human potential and promoting equity for all children in the next generation.”



18 November 2015

The impact of outsourcing and offshoring on worldwide employment may ultimately pale in comparison to the disruption caused by next-generation robots, powered by artificial intelligence.


Remote Control

17 September 2015

Developed as a weapon of war, drones are now steadily making their way into the civilian world, and increasingly the commercial environment. Indeed, global spending on commercial drones is expected to total $12 billion over the next decade.


Mind Control Moves Closer

24 June 2015

Students of linguistics have long recognised that language is a relatively crude tool for transmitting ideas, while scientists search for ways to make communication more efficient. Could the direct transmission of information by the brain be the answer?