Bullish On Entrepreneurship

02 December 2014

As Spain emerges from the banking crisis and economic slump that has afflicted it this decade, one of the tools in its armory is as simple as a warm welcome – to entrepreneurs from abroad looking to launch startup businesses in a country keen to create new jobs, especially for young people.


When venture capital meets quinoa

21 October 2014

The microfinance industry, which makes low-value loans to self-employed people and owners of very small businesses to enable their purchase of productive assets, is usually associated with farmers in emerging countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Venture capitalists, by contrast, tend to be looking for the next Google, Facebook or Skype in Silicon Valley or Europe.


Finance made simple

16 September 2014

Several European startups have joined a crowd of companies worldwide that are aiming to shake up the world of financial technology.


Europe Scores for Innovation

29 July 2014

Seven of the world’s 10 most innovative nations are in Europe, according to an annual survey comparing 143 economies covering most of the world’s population.


Investing Beyond Silicon Valley

24 June 2014

London-based Index Ventures has raised another €400 million to invest in technology startups in the latest evidence that venture capital investment is establishing a foothold far beyond its base in Silicon Valley.