Sharing economy stars

24 June 2015

The so-called “sharing economy,” founded upon the informal exchange of goods and services among individuals, is booming. Amidst skyrocketing valuations, two of the sector’s brightest stars have now set their sights on global domination.


Crowd control

19 May 2015

Crowdfunding appears to be entering the mainstream as a source of seed and growth capital for startup businesses ranging from online publishers to coffee roasting equipment makers to computer game creators. There are fears, however, that the zealous enforcement of value-added tax rules could severely crimp the growth of this alternative form of financing.


Light at the End of the Tunnel

07 April 2015

The latest Global Entrepreneur Indicator, a twice-yearly survey conducted by the international non-profit group Entrepreneurs’ Organization, points to improving times for business owners everywhere, with the vast majority reporting creation of new full-time jobs, rising profits and easier access to capital.


Small firms mourn Swiss peg

03 February 2015

Small and medium-sized companies in Switzerland are struggling with the end of their currency’s three-year peg against the euro, which provided firms doing business abroad with some certainty in their financial planning.


Bullish On Entrepreneurship

02 December 2014

As Spain emerges from the banking crisis and economic slump that has afflicted it this decade, one of the tools in its armory is as simple as a warm welcome – to entrepreneurs from abroad looking to launch startup businesses in a country keen to create new jobs, especially for young people.