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20 May 2014

Private Jet-aways 

As any CEO of a large corporation knows, there’s no comparison between flying first class and traveling via private jet, whether jetting across the continent for an important meeting or taking the family to Africa for a safari.

Private jet holidays are a fairly recent innovation in the tourism industry. Some people prefer all-inclusive tours while others would rather take first-class flights to major hubs and charter private jets to exclusive locales (especially when visiting posh island resorts).

Recently the Four Seasons hotel chain offered a fresh twist on Jules Verne’s "Around the World in 80 Days" by offering round-the-world tours via private jet. Travelers stop off in choice destinations such as the Serengeti Plain in Africa and the Maldives in the Indian Ocean.

The U.S. National Geographic Society offers a series of 24-day private jet tours to the world’s most treasured locales including Easter Island and the famed Inca city of Machu Picchu high in the Andes of Peru. Expedition guides include anthropologists, photographers and veteran world travelers. These are but two examples; many more tour options are available.

For families of means, private jet tours remove the worry of losing one’s children in airport security lines or the tedium of long waits at Customs. People taking holidays in Southeast Asia find that private or chartered jets are much more practical for visiting remote beach destinations than scheduled airlines, which constantly route travelers through major airport hubs.

Private jet travel may symbolize luxury, but privacy and convenience are the main appeal, whether for work or leisure.