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24 February 2015

The Suite Life in Geneva 

Feel like experiencing the largest and most expensive hotel suite in the world? Check in at the Hotel President Wilson in Geneva, according to a survey of top European accommodations by US luxury lifestyle publication Robb Report.

The President Wilson charges at least $85,000 a night for its Royal Penthouse Suite, which occupies the entire eighth floor of the establishment, a total of more than 1,600 square meters together with an even bigger terrace looking out over Lake Geneva.

In addition to 12 bedrooms and bathrooms, occupants have access to a fitness center, a salon outfitted with antiques and fine art, and a 103-inch Bang & Olufsen TV, plus dedicated staff, a private elevator and a guardroom.

The luxury touches may vary, but the suites selected by the Robb Report mostly have breathtaking views: the Atik Pasha Suite at Istanbul’s Four Season hotel ($29,000 a night) over the Bosphorus, the Gritti Palace’s Redentore Terrazza Suite ($16,200) onto Venice’s Grand Canal, and the Hôtel Majestic Barrière’s Majestic Suite ($27,000) along the Croisette at Cannes. The nearby Eiffel Tower can be seen from throughout La Suite Shangri-La ($25,000) at the eponymous Paris hotel, even from the bathtub.

Perhaps surprisingly, the Diamond Suite Penthouse at the Hotel Hermitage Monte-Carlo is a relatively modest $9,800 a night, despite a panoramic vista stretching from Monaco’s royal palace along the Mediterranean coast toward Italy.

The Robb Report also identified suites offering “unparalleled privacy, perks and prestige” in Florence, Rome, London, Vienna, Barcelona, Athens and Copenhagen.