The dream deficit

02 September 2015

Sleep is critical to long-term health and daily productivity, with the average adult requiring between 7-9 hours of slumber every night. As global smartphone and tablet penetration rates increase, however, we are getting less shuteye than ever.


Making gluten-free dough

07 August 2015

Gluten, found in wheat and in 70% of agri-food products, is one of the most eaten proteins in the world. But for some time it has been accused of every ill and has given rise to the gluten-free diet which is winning more and more fans.


Cruise Control

31 July 2015

By the end of this century, the average age of the world population will increase dramatically, reaching nearly 42 years old, up from a current average of just 29.


China to the Rescue

02 June 2015

The influence of Chinese purchasers on the European luxury goods market has been largely forgotten as economic weakness and new rules on corruption have diminished demand for luxury products. However, there are signs that a renewed consumer appetite could come to the aid of the luxury sector.


Luxury Online

14 April 2015

The announcement by Chanel that it will harmonize its prices across the world by the end of this year as a step toward the future creation of a global e-commerce platform could effect luxury-brand tourism.