China to the Rescue

02 June 2015

The influence of Chinese purchasers on the European luxury goods market has been largely forgotten as economic weakness and new rules on corruption have diminished demand for luxury products. However, there are signs that a renewed consumer appetite could come to the aid of the luxury sector.


Luxury Online

14 April 2015

The announcement by Chanel that it will harmonize its prices across the world by the end of this year as a step toward the future creation of a global e-commerce platform could effect luxury-brand tourism.


The Suite Life in Geneva

24 February 2015

Feel like experiencing the largest and most expensive hotel suite in the world? Check in at the Hotel President Wilson in Geneva, according to a survey of top European accommodations by US luxury lifestyle publication Robb Report.


The Lap of Luxury

06 January 2015

Much of Europe’s economy may have been languishing in recent years, but not its luxury goods sector. According to a report by Frontier Economics, the number of people employed in the production of high-end cars, wine and fashion grew 11% to more than 1.1 million between 2010 and 2013.