Private Jet-aways

20 May 2014

As any CEO of a large corporation knows, there’s no comparison between flying first class and traveling via private jet, whether jetting across the continent for an important meeting or taking the family to Africa for a safari.


Supply & demand

01 April 2014

For more than two decades, companies have been selling fractional ownerships of private jets. But buying a share in a $40 million aircraft, like a new Gulfstream G450, is expensive, even for the seriously wealthy. Meanwhile, pilots of private jets often spend up to half their working hours flying empty planes back to base after dropping off their passengers.


The end of the siesta

26 February 2014

Spain’s long, late lunches and 10 p.m. dinners have been a big part of the nation’s charm for decades, but they could soon be history.


Paris Museums Minus the Crowds

11 February 2014

The legendary museums of Paris attract crowds from around the globe, which often leaves visitors yearning for more elbow room.


TV: The Next Generation?

21 January 2014