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Switzerland's minimum wage

22 April 2014

On May 18, Swiss voters will decide whether their nation should have the world’s highest minimum wage.


Bond Prices Say Crisis is Over

12 March 2014

Bond traders are telling the financial markets that Europe’s sovereign debt crisis is history.


Europe's shared growth

17 February 2014

The latest European economic growth figures suggest a narrowing gap between the performance of core nations and those on the periphery.


The Ogre Stalking the Eurozone

21 January 2014

The European Central Bank’s (ECB) goal is to limit inflation in the eurozone to 2% a year. With eurozone inflation estimated at an annual 0.8% in December, is it doing its job too well?


Europe's Carbon Permit Glut

08 January 2014

The best efforts of the European Union to limit greenhouse gases through financial incentives, by giving carbon emissions a monetary value and enabling them to be freely traded, have been derailed by the continent’s economic slowdown.