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Keeping Switzerland's Currency Low

23 December 2013

Switzerland’s national bank is fighting to defend the franc against currency traders seeking a safe alternative to the euro.


A tale of two debt ratings

09 December 2013

Slow economic growth in the Netherlands has triggered a slight downgrade in the rating on Dutch sovereign bonds. In contrast, a gradual recovery from a steep recession has led to an improvement in rating agencies’ assessment of Spain’s public debt.


Why China s reforms matter

02 December 2013

China announced reforms in early November 2013 to ease government control of banking and other sectors, signaling broad shifts in the competitive landscape of the world’s second-largest economy.


The strong euro puzzle

25 November 2013

As the eurozone economy gradually recovers from the financial crisis, exporters are hoping for better days ahead. Yet their hopes may be frustrated by the continued strength of the euro, despite episodes of sharp decline against the U.S. dollar following the sovereign debt shocks of the past two years.


Does “tapering” matter?

18 November 2013

Why are investors so focused on whether, or rather when, the U.S. Federal Reserve will start to cut back on its purchase of bond assets from the current level of $85 billion per month?