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Responsible investment moved further into the mainstream in 2018

13 March 2019

Can investments make a good return and do good at the same time?



12 March 2019

The strong rebound in global equity markets continued unabated in February, with the MSCI World index gaining over 11% in euro terms over the first two months of 2019.


The mother of all election budgets

05 March 2019

China has been stimulating its economy through monetary and fiscal measures for over a year and strong loan growth in January suggests that the measures are starting to have an effect, despite Chinese statistics around the Chinese New Year being even more doubtful than in the remainder of the year. Chinese equity markets responded enthusiastically to recent progress on the US-China trade talks and are some of the bestperforming equity markets in 2019, with some indices rising close to 30%.


From Carnegie to Gates: directing wealth toward the public good

25 February 2019

US steel magnate and pioneering philanthropist Andrew Carnegie believed that the super-rich were merely caretakers and administrators of their great wealth, rather than its owners. Once the richest man in the world, he gave away 90% of his fortune to fund scientific research, build schools and support public libraries.


Regulators seal agreements to prevent financial market disruption under no-deal Brexit

15 February 2019

The European Securities and Markets Authority has agreed deals with UK regulators on cross-border co-operation and information-sharing to minimize disruption and safeguard the stability of the financial system should Britain leave the EU without a withdrawal agreement and transition period.